3 ‘SMALL”? Complications of Diabetes

3 ‘SMALL?’ Complications of Diabetes Mellitus. No 1 would surprise you!

The last time we talked about the ‘large’ complications of diabetes. READ HERE. 

In this article, I present to you; 3 deadly complications of diabetes that occurs due to the infiltration of the small feeder vessels supplying the large blood vessels and also the nerves of our body.

Number 1: It Will Blind You

Yes, it blinds you. How you may ask? The light-receiving part of the eye is called the retina (that is where Apple has talked about retina display) is supplied by blood vessels. These vessels are infiltrated with lipids which eventually blocks the blood supply killing off the part of the vessels. In this case, the body reacts by increasing the production of feeder vessels around the blocked vessels. Unfortunately, these new vessels are fragile. This in turn will burst and causes blood to collect at the back of the eye. In order to prevent this from happening, doctors apply laser at the eye-burning (coagulate) off the vessels.

Number 2: It Will Fail Your Kidneys

The kidneys filter blood and removes toxin so that it’s not accumulated in our body.

However, the vessels supplying blood in diabetic patients are damaged leading to the accumulation of the toxins- detrimental to the body. Kidneys also release a hormone to help regulate blood pressure, which in turn is increased due to the damage caused. This takes years to happen, thus it is always to good to catch the symptoms and signs early.

Image courtesy: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Number 3: Makes You Lose Senses

The nerves in the body are primarily responsible for movement and also sensing the environment of the body. In diabetes, the latter is frequently affected in a similar fashion whereby small feeder vessels that supply the nerves would be damaged in turn leading to loss of sensation. This is how diabetic foot happens if you had seen one. The vessels supplying the foot and nerves to the foot leads to increased risk of injury due to loss of sensation and poor healing due to lack of building blocks.

Image courtesy: Drugs.com

We hope to have shed some lights regarding diabetic complications. Diabetes is gargantuan of a disease and it affects almost everyone especially with current times of increasing availability of processed food all around us.

The information above is merely to educate and empower you, so that we can be a healthier nation together.

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