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Being a 24/7 operating clinic, we understand the unpredictability of health emergencies and therefore, we ensure our services are available to you at all times.

Elevating Healthcare Accessibility : Dr.Prevents

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Towards a healthier future with proactive approaches.

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Because you deserve individualized attention.

24/7 Availability

Ensuring your well-being never takes a break.

Why We Think 24/7 Availability Is Important To Malaysians

  1. Unmatched Accessibility: Dr.Prevents is open 24 hours, ensuring you receive immediate care whenever you need it, day or night.
  2. Reliable Care Around the Clock: Our in-house doctor is always available, ready to attend to primary care emergencies, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
  3. No Holidays Off: Even during public holidays, Dr.Prevents remains open, ensuring uninterrupted access to quality healthcare services.
  4. Convenient and Prompt Assistance: Say goodbye to long wait times. At Dr.Prevents, we prioritize efficiency to provide you with timely medical attention, regardless of the hour.
  5. Comprehensive Primary Care: Our dedicated team offers a wide range of primary care services, delivering comprehensive healthcare solutions whenever you require them.
  6. Trustworthy Medical Professionals: Rest assured knowing that highly skilled doctors and nurses are at your service, offering expertise and compassionate care, day and night.
  7. Your Health Matters Every Minute: Dr.Prevents understands the urgency of medical needs, valuing your health and well-being every minute of every day.

Healthcare Services

breast test


Detects lung cancer even before symptoms appear.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)

Detects certain risk of chromosal abnormalities in the fetus.

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Wellness Screening

Ranges from Basic to Comprehensive blood tests, packaged with ECG and Ultrasound.

baby & adult circumcision kepong


Safe and hygienic child & adult circumcision

ultrasound scan kepong


High-quality ultrasound scanning services

DNA Genetic Test

Identify risks of inherited conditions; genetic health risks.

Weight Loss

Personalised weight loss programmes

std check and treatment kepong

STD Check & Treatment

Confidential STD testing and treatment

adult and child vaccination kuala lumpur

Child & Adult Vaccination

Comprehensive vaccinations for all ages

Key doctors

Our team of doctors is available around the clock, ensuring immediate care for all your medical needs.

Dr. Vikneswaran Ragupathiraja
Dr. Narishha Jegan
Dr. Arravindh Vivekananthan
MBBS (MAHSA University)

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Over 2,000+ satisfied patients in 2023

Clinic is clean and proper. We brought our baby daughter and the attending Dr is very nice and helpful
Lee Ooi Ying
Lee Ooi Ying
Ahmad Zuhairi
Ahmad Zuhairi
Great hospitality. They checked up on patients via Whatsapp after a day.
Raasini Manimaran
Raasini Manimaran
Friendly and kind doctors
Ainun Syamila
Ainun Syamila
Sangat berpuas hati. Dr banyak membantu. Beri nasihat dan diagnos penyakit berdasarkan simptom dengan baik. Dr bagus mendengar masalah pesakit. Walau klinik masih baru di buka. Registration dan tempoh mengambil ubat juga cepat. Very recommend 👍👍👍👍
Very good and friendly Doctor.... explain in details the do's and don't really recommended 👍😊
Liang Liang
Liang Liang

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Frequently Asked Questions

Preventive measures have the potential to generate long-term benefits for individuals and communities. Encouraging healthy behaviors and addressing risk factors can have a significant impact on reducing the prevalence of diseases and promoting overall well-being for generations to come.

Prevention often leads to better health outcomes compared to waiting for a cure. By focusing on preventing diseases through immunizations, healthy lifestyle choices, and regular health screenings, individuals can reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions and improve their overall quality of life.

Numerous studies have shown that preventive measures, such as vaccination programs, early disease screening, and lifestyle interventions, are more cost-effective than curative interventions. Preventing illnesses or addressing health risks at an early stage can significantly reduce medical expenses associated with treatment and hospitalization.

Preventive measures often involve regular health screenings and check-ups, enabling early detection of health issues. Early diagnosis allows for timely and more effective treatment, increasing the chances of successful outcomes.

Preventive healthcare can alleviate the social and economic burdens that arise from illness. By reducing the number of people affected by preventable diseases, families and societies experience less emotional stress and financial strain.

All Dr.Prevents’ clinics are operational 24 Hours; located in Bandar Sri Damansara, Kepong, Segambut and Jalan Ipoh.

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Click the WhatsApp button to connect with our Liaison Doctor instantly. Alternatively, you can Google us to find the nearest clinic and give us a call for the next steps. Remember, our services are available 24/7 to cater to your needs. While most of our services are readily accessible, some medical tests or procedures might need preparation – don’t worry, we’ll provide guidance every step of the way.

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