Our Malaysian Fight

Co-WIN (Co-Vid19): Flying our Flags High

We sigh with relief. We’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

It is ENDing?

Countries across the world have united in battling the common enemy. Some have found a way to the other side of the river, some hustling, a few still getting them feet together on the ground.

But, do we really understand the virus completely? Will we be able to brace another wave?

What if a new strain arises?

The global economy has taken a big hit. To individuals- job retrenchment, schools at a halt, the new norm of online learning turning “distance learning’’, although the school is a stone throw away, continues to linger with uncertainty.

Let’s face the fact. The government economic stimulus package will soon come to an end.

‘’Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime’’

Resuming Life. Your General Wellbeing

Flattening the curve while ‘’kitajagakita’’ was our goal for the past months. Even if one individual has failed to comply with that common goal of ours, the curve wouldn’t have flattened as it has. Yet, we Malaysian have battled well.

For those who’ve not realized, YES YOU! YOU DID IT!

You’ve played by the advice given by the Ministry of Health under the guidance of Director General of Health Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah, along with having applied common-sense with logic, – successfully flattening the curve.

Flattening the curve for SUGAR, FAT, BLOOD PRESSURE and their counterparts are definitely achievable with similar perseverance- you have it in you. Believe in yourself. COVID19 curve is the evidence, even you can’t deny.



Months ahead are crucial.

This is the maintenance phase of the curve at the current trend; eventually bringing the digit to zero new cases.

While you’re doing what you do best, apply a similar approach to overhaul your health. Our country’s success depends wholly on her citizens. Optimize those values that worries you. If you’re well-off with your current ‘’curves’’, maintain that with necessary elements of a healthy lifestyle.

This is the beginning of the end.

Imparting knowledge is our goal while learning from you and the rest of the world.

Ask any health-related queries to us, while we head to make this world a better place.

We’re in this, together.