Skin Lumps Removal Treatment

Patient is doing skin lumps removal treatment in Dr.Prevents clinic.

Ever wondered what that strange bump under your skin is, and if it’s time to say goodbye?

Skin lumps, often known as lipomas, are non-cancerous, fatty growths that develop beneath the skin’s surface. They typically appear as soft, mobile, and painless swelling, varying in size and texture. 

Lipoma removal involves a consultation and examination to confirm the diagnosis and assess the lipoma’s size and location. Local anesthesia is applied to numb the area, followed by a small incision over the lipoma for careful removal. After removal, sutures are used to close the wound, leaving minimal scarring. 

This procedure is generally safe with low risks, allowing patients to resume normal activities shortly after. 

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How Skin Lump Removal works?

Skin lump or lipoma removal typically involves minor surgical procedures performed by a doctor under local anesthesia. The lump is carefully excised with or without the use of an electrocautery device to minimize bleeding. This approach ensures a nearly painless experience for the patient with minimal scarring, promoting quick recovery and optimal cosmetic results.

Symptoms of a Lipoma

1. Soft to touch
Lipomas usually feel squishy and soft to the touch.

2. Can be moved easily if prodded with a finger 
You can easily push them around and feel them move under light pressure.

3. Located just right under the skin
Lipomas or skin lumps typically grow right under your skin

4. Grows slowly
They get bigger slowly over time – you may notice that small lump turn into a larger one in a few months.

Skin Lump Removal Procedure

1. Our doctors will begin with a consultation and skin examination to evaluate the condition of the lipoma before deciding on removal.

2. After deciding on a lipoma removal procedure, the doctor will mark the precise area on the skin where the lump is located.

3. The doctor will then thoroughly cleanse the marked area to minimize infection risk.

4. He or she will apply local anesthesia to numb the area, ensuring a pain-free procedure.

5. The doctor will then perform a minor surgical removal of the skin lump.

6. Then, they will close the wound using sutures to ensure proper healing.

7. Our staff will then schedule a suture removal appointment, but in some cases where absorbable sutures were used, the removal appointment may not be necessary.


While our skin lump removal treatments by our expert doctors are designed to be effective, there is a slight chance of recurrence. Some factors, such as the type of lump and individual characteristics, can influence the likelihood of recurrence. Our skilled professionals prioritize thorough removal to minimize the chance of recurrence.

No, not all skin lumps are cancerous. Skin lumps can have various causes, including cysts, lipomas, dermatofibromas, and more. It’s important to consult and allow us to conduct a proper evaluation and further investigation to determine the nature of the lump.

Skin lumps can develop in individuals of any age or gender. Certain factors, such as genetics, age, and exposure to certain environmental factors, might increase the risk. It’s important to have any new or changing lumps examined to rule out any serious underlying conditions.

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