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At Dr.Prevents clinics, we prioritize discretion, personalized treatment plans, effectiveness, and anonymity as the four key pillars of our STD treatment services.
We take pride in fostering an environment free from judgment, where we prioritize privacy and equal treatment for all those who utilize our services.

Modern Medicine

It’s astonishing how diseases like gonorrhea, which once caused severe symptoms such as persistent discharge and genital inflammation, can now be effectively treated with medications or a single injection. However, before starting medication, it’s crucial to conduct comprehensive testing since some STDs may involve multiple pathogens, and incorrect treatment can lead to adverse outcomes.

Our clinics strictly adhere to the highest treatment standards and adhere to national treatment guidelines, ensuring evidence-based care. Fortunately, medical advancements have made it possible to manage even challenging conditions like hepatitis B and C, with the potential for complete infection elimination through proper treatment. Additionally, our clinics offer vaccinations against common infections like HPV.

When you visit our clinic, you’ll be attended to by our Doctor experienced in managing all STDs, and we maintain rigorous sterilization procedures for all equipment, primarily using disposables to minimize contamination risks.

What are the signs and symptoms of STDs?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can manifest in various ways, but it’s essential to remember that there is hope. Some common signs and symptoms of STDs include unusual genital, rectal, or throat discharge, which may have an unfamiliar color or odor. You might also experience a painful or burning sensation during urination or bowel movements.

For some individuals, STDs can lead to sores or lesions in the genital or mouth area, causing discomfort and concern. Itching or irritation may also be present, which can be distressing. In some cases, a rash may appear on the skin, often around the genital, buttocks, or thigh area.

While flu-like symptoms, including fever, body aches, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes, can occur in the early stages of certain STDs, it’s crucial to remember that early detection and treatment can make a significant difference. Additionally, painful intercourse or bleeding between periods or after sex can be associated with STDs, but many of these conditions are treatable.

The message of hope lies in the fact that modern medicine offers effective treatments for many STDs. Fortunately, these infections are now treatable with great success and speed.

Prevention Aspect

  1. PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis):

    • PrEP involves taking a daily medication, by individuals who are at a high risk of contracting HIV.
    • This medication helps to block the virus from establishing infection within the body, significantly reducing the risk of HIV transmission.
    • PrEP is a preventative measure for those engaging in high-risk activities like unprotected sex.
    • It is a proactive approach to HIV prevention, as it is taken before potential exposure to the virus.
  2. PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis):

    • PEP is a course of HIV medication that is taken after a potential exposure to the virus. It is a reactive approach to HIV prevention and should be started as soon as possible after exposure, ideally within 72 hours but definitely within 72 hours to be effective.
    • PEP is typically recommended in situations where an individual believes they may have been exposed to HIV, such as through unprotected sex.
    • It is a short-term treatment, lasting for 28 days, and it aims to prevent the virus from establishing an infection in the body.

Both PrEP and PEP are essential tools in the fight against HIV, but they serve different purposes. PrEP is a long-term prevention strategy for those at high risk, while PEP is a short-term emergency measure for those who have had a potential exposure to the virus.

Key Points | Dr.Prevents

We empathize with the anxiety of waiting, and that’s why our services are available round the clock. You can receive your medications promptly, without delay.

Conveniently situated in both KL and Selangor for easy accessibility.

Your visit here is entirely confidential, and no one will be aware that you’ve been here.

STD Consultation

Prevention is always better than cure. Our Doctors not only diagnose and treat STDs but also offer educational sessions to help you better understand the risks and ways to avoid various STDs. For instance, it’s crucial to know that there are vaccines available for diseases like HPV, and our doctors can suggest medications to help prevent certain infections, including HIV.

While using protection remains the most effective way to prevent STDs, we acknowledge that it may not always be feasible. For individuals who can’t use protective methods, there are alternative strategies for STD prevention. That’s why we strongly encourage those with risky behaviors to have a conversation with our medical professionals and share their concerns.

Visit Klinik Dr.Prevents or engage in a private and discreet chat with us in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to schedule a confidential consultation and explore your treatment options today. Your sexual health matters, and we’re here to help you make informed choices.


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