Things You May Not Know about Malaysian Obesity Crisis

Malaysia has the highest rate of obesity and overweight among Asian countries with 64% of males and 65% of the female population being either obese or overweight. 

Beginning With 'Not So' Fun Facts

When you’re obese, your chances of having :

Stroke- 64% higher.

Heart diseases- 50% higher.

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus- 20x higher.

The risk of being on an obituary page is 100x higher.

Horizontally Growing Worry!

In Malaysia, the prevalence of diabetes among adults aged 18 years and above has increased from 11.6% to 17.5% over a period of 9 years from 2006 to 2015. Read HERE.

The prevalence of hypertension remains high at around 30%. More than 50% of diabetes or hypertension are undiagnosed. 

Malaysians have been complaining about their weight gain during the MCO period, which was not really a surprise. Many have chosen not to share their most recent photographs on their social media accounts to avoid receiving criticism from their friends. Read HERE.

We’re Not Alone

Obesity is a global problem increasing all around the world.

In Brazil, every year, there are one million new cases.

China will have nearly 50 million obese children by 2025.

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic. It has tripled since the 1970s.

Most of human history has been fighting against human starvation, but today people are overfed than underfed. However, just because people are getting more calories, doesn’t mean they’re getting the right nutrition.

Pointing Finger?

Years ago, the USA government incentivized and urged farmers to grow more crops especially-corn- this eventually resulted in the invention of high-fructose corn syrup- It was and is still about 50 % cheaper, sweeter than sugar, and makes food last forever. This changed the modern diet.

Junk food became cheaper to produce and be sold. US junk food did not stay there. Thanks to the free trade policy- junk food was sold in countries around the world.

Import of high fructose corn syrup shot up 1200% in 1996-2012.

Major countries of this export trade that has become a dumping ground for cheap, low nutrient, highly processed food from the United States.

The Revelation

It’s vital to identify between processed food vs unprocessed food.

Almost every major food has engineered food to be addictive.

Speaking of Coca-Cola. Check out Vishen Lakhiani’s revelation on Coca Cola. The main cause of death in Mexico is diabetes; becoming the biggest consumer of Coca Cola.

Dear Malaysians, we’ve been on a good track flattening the COVID19 curve.

It’s time to trim sugars to flatten the glycemic index curve.

Time to take action. Malaysia Boleh!