Best Weight Loss Programme
You Can Trust.

We will help you to set achievable goals, lose excess weight and maintain them. 
We’ll guide you clinically.
Once independent join us as an ambassador to help others.


What's On Your Plate?

It could be both!

Malaysian Food

Learn how to eat right without sacrificing our Malaysian Cuisines.

How can one say no to a nasi lemak?

Weigh in to Lose them Fats

Fat percentage and Body Mass Index are the things.

Learn many other parameters to monitor your weight loss progress… or, let our Doctors work it out for you.

Personalised Diet Plan

Discuss, Learn and Choose the right food with our Clinicians.

Time to revamp your fridge’s content. 


Don’t worry if you’re shy. Anything discussed with your Doctor is private and confidential and stays within the four walls. You don’t have to mingle with others on the same journey if you’re not comfortable.  Making you feel comfortable in journey it our utmost priority.

Group Sessions

Group support plays and important role in weight loss. Sharing your experiences and listening to the journeys of those in the same journey helps at the psychological level. However, only if you’re comfortable. Group sessions are conducted online at the moment.