In a cozy town in Malaysia, there was a team of enthusiastic doctors and clinic assistants who called themselves “Dr. Prevents.” They believed in the power of stopping sickness before it happened, rather than just treating it later. The team knew that finding problems early could save lives and keep people from getting really sick.

They worked hard to spread the message of prevention to everyone they met. They told people to get regular check-ups and tests to catch any health issues early. Dr. Prevents also taught them to take care of themselves by eating healthy and staying active.

As more and more people listened to Dr. Prevents, they became healthier and happier. They learned that preventing sickness was better than waiting for a cure. Dr. Prevents became heroes in their town, and their simple but powerful message of prevention continued to inspire people across Malaysia to take charge of their health and wellbeing.



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A team of enthusiastic doctors and clinic assistants willing to go the extra mile to do what we love- healthcare for everyone.

Having served at several government hospitals, a group of doctors often identified common work-flow problems in healthcare, while brainstorming solutions.

This has brought to the inception of the organisation which has been solving real-world problems related to healthcare while ensuring premium care with assurance.